Catalog synchronization best practices

It is recommended to follow these best practices when performing CATSYNC:
  1. Ensure that all required aliases are defined, and that all required catalogs are online.
  2. Use the POLICY DEACT command to deactivate the selectors.
  3. Run an image copy to back up your data. A sample image copy, BJT@JCC1, is provided in SBJTSAMP.
  4. Submit BJTCTSNC to update Output Manager tables with the z/OS® user catalog(s) that contain Output Manager archive data sets.
  5. Review the SYSPRINT to see if there were problems. If generated, review the CHANGES DD for recommendations on data set patterns to add to the DATASETS keyword in the SYSIN section of your customized CATSYNC JCL.
  6. Restart the selectors using POLICY ACT
Because this procedure involves deactivating SYSOUT capture, it is recommended to perform this at a time when there is no report generation activity. Viewing and printing will not be disrupted for ISPF users unless REPORT_ACCESS_ID has been specified.