Start the started task and verify the ISPF installation

Before starting the Output Manager started task, ensure that the SBJTLOAD and SBJTLPA libraries are APF-authorized, and ensure that Db2® and JES are active.

To start the started task, specify the z/OS® Start operator command using the following syntax:

start started_task_name
Note: At Output Manager start up, JES might post the following message:
As long as the return code is zero (RC=00), this message is informational only and does not signify a problem. Output Manager is a SAPI-based product that uses multiple SAPI threads.

After issuing the Start command, verify that Output Manager is running and available, as follows:

  1. Check for messages that indicate the status of the started task.
    If you receive the following message, the started task is running. You can continue to the next step.
    BJT02012I IBM Output Manager is ready for commands

    If this message is not displayed, the started task is not running. In this case, review the other messages to identify potential problems. Also, check your customization steps. If you need assistance, contact your system administrator.

  2. In ISPF, start the Output Manager interface by running the BJTUI EXEC that you modified in Create access to the Output Manager interface.
    The Output Manager main menu is displayed.

Now that the Output Manager ISPF interface is installed, Output Manager administrators can tour the panels and begin defining Output Manager objects.