ITOM Accounting Attribute Section

The SMFITOMAIND field indicates whether the attribute value is the value that was captured when ITOM captured the SYSOUT or is the value used in submitting this output request. Unused (default) attributes are not recorded in the SMF records.


The relationship between captured and request attributes is not a one-to-one correspondence. Some attributes may have been present in the original capture job and not present when the output was requested.

Capture attributes are only present to the extent that they are present in the Output Manager repository. Whether or not they exist in the repository depends on the archive attribute's dynamic print value, as well as the DYNAMIC_PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_CAPTURE and DYNAMIC_PRINTER_ATTRIBUTE_USE configuration attributes. For more information on dynamic print values, see the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS Administrator's Guide.

Some attributes, such as "Formatted View" are specific to Output Manager and only appear as "request" attributes, if present.

Table 1. ITOM Accounting Attribute Section
Offsets Name Length Format Description
0 0 SMFITOMALEN 2 Binary Length of this section, including this field.
2 2 SMFITOMAIND 1 Binary Indicator as to whether this is a capture attribute or a request attribute.
  • 0 - Capture
  • 1- Request
3 3 SMFITOMANAM 2 Binary Encoded Attribute Name.
5 5 SMFITOMAVAL Value of ITOMSMFALEN -5 EBCDIC or binary depending on context Actual Attribute Value.