Option 1: ISV recall customization - Fixed jobname model (recommended)

To customize the view recall procedures to use a fixed jobname, you must modify the following SBJTSAMP member: BJT@PRV.

This task is part of the greater task of customizing Output Manager. You must have completed the steps in Modify and submit JCL in BJT@PRED and BJT@JCED to configure customization variables to specify customization variables before starting this task.

To customize the view recall procedures:

Review SBJTSAMP member BJT@PRV and edit the following as needed:
  • Ensure that the ?UNIT? variable is the name of the tape unit to be used for reading the archive tapes for the conversion process.
  • Change the SELC parameter to identify the selector class that you want to use for the selector definition that is to capture the recalled archive reports. For example, if you specify SELC=J, you must specify the same class (J) in the Sysout Class field when you create the selector definition in Step 2: Customize Output Manager for ISV recall. Otherwise, Output Manager cannot capture the archive reports after they are converted.
  • The recall procedure requires Bypass Label Processing (BLP). However, bypass label processing cannot occur if your security system prevents its use. In this case, you must ensure that the library containing the BJTCRCL program is APF authorized to support Bypass Label Processing.