Linking a selector rule to archive attributes

You must link each selector rule to a set of archive attributes for the archive data set for the selected SYSOUT to be properly allocated and retained.

To link a selector rule to archive attributes:

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter.
  2. From the Administrative Functions menu, choose option S, Selector Rules, and press Enter.
  3. Specify search criteria, or leave the fields blank, and press Enter.
    The resulting list is filtered by your search criteria.
  4. In the CMD column, type E (Edit) next to a selector rule and press Enter. The Selector Rule panel is displayed.
  5. From the Links pull-down menu, choose option 1, Choose an Archive Attribute.
    The Search for Archive Attribute panel is displayed.
  6. Enter search criteria or leave the fields blank to return an unfiltered list of archive attributes, then press Enter.
    The Archive Attribute Selection panel is displayed.
  7. You can use the following line commands in the Archive Attribute Selection window:
    Select (Line command S)
    To select an archive attribute for linking to the selected rule.
    Add (Line command A)
    To add a new archive attribute and subsequently select it for linking to the selected rule.
    View (Line command V)
    To view an archive attribute.
    Edit (Line command E)
    To edit an archive attribute.
  8. If no archive attributes have been defined on your Output Manager system, Output Manager prompts you to create one. Type the A (Add) line command in the CMD column. For further instructions, see Creating a set of archive attributes.
  9. If archive attributes have been defined, type S (Select) next to the name of the archive attributes that you want to use and press Enter. The Selector Rules panel is redisplayed and the archive attribute that you selected is displayed in the Archive Attribute column.
  10. Press F3 (Exit).

    Depending on how you set your preferences, you may be prompted to type YES and press Enter to save your changes.