Finding a string of characters within a selected report or archive with Advanced Find

The Advanced Find feature of ITOMweb allows you to find a string of characters within a selected report or archive. Advanced find supports column, page range, and match case search criteria, and can display search results in context with page links.

  1. From the ITOMweb home page, navigate to either the reports page or the archives page by clicking either Reports or Archives , respectively
  2. Locate the report or archive to be viewed, and click the link in the TIMESTAMP column. The report or archive is displayed in your browser.
  3. Click the Search for All Occurrences button.
  4. In the Advanced Find window, specify the following:
    • Search string: Type the string of characters to find within the report or archive.
    • at Column: Type the column number at which to search for the specified string of characters. ITOMweb searches for the first character of the search string in this column and only returns results that match the specified character in this column.

      Tip: When using Internet Explorer, you can highlight text within the displayed report to identify the location of the highlighted text. The location (row, column, and width) of the highlighted section is displayed on your browser's status bar.

    • in page range: If you specify a range of pages in this field, only results that match the Advanced Find search criteria within the specified page range are returned. Results matched outside of this page range are not included in the results.
    • Match case: If this checkbox is selected, only results that match the exact case of the string in the Search string field are returned.
    • Exclude all other records: If this option is selected, only the matched results are displayed.
    • Show context and page links: If this option is selected, the row preceding the matched row and the row following the matched row are displayed. Additionally, a link to the matched results in context of the report or archive is included.
  5. Click Search. A list of the matched results along with string count is displayed.