Changing your security Access ID during your session

If the report administrator has configured Output Manager security to allow you to change your Access ID during your session, you can do so from the Report Search Criteria panel.

Note: If the Access Mask associated with your Access ID contains one or more wildcards, your Access ID can be changed. The Access Mask field is displayed on the Report Search Criteria panel, above your Access ID.
  1. Type V (View) on the Output Manager main menu and press Enter.
    The View Selection panel is displayed.
  2. Type R (Reports) on the View Reports panel and press Enter.
  3. If allowed by your security settings, you can change your Access ID on the Report Search Criteria panel.
    To do so:
    1. Enter a Valid Access ID value in the Access ID field. A valid Access must be derived from the Access Mask. The Access Mask field (read-only) is displayed to provide reference for valid values for your Access ID. If the Access Mask value does not contain wildcards, you cannot change your Access ID.
    2. Press Enter. The Captured Reports panel is displayed. The reports displayed on the Captured Reports panel are the reports for which your Access ID has access to.