Complete Output Manager customization after migrating your existing data

When you are ready to promote your migrated database to production, complete the following migration tasks.

  1. Proceed with customizing Output Manager, as described in Customizing Output Manager, but skip the step titled "Run the job to create the Output Manager database". The following table is an overview of the customization steps for migration that need to be completed after migrating the database::
  2. If you are keeping the V3R1 members separate from the original jobs (as recommended), you must modify PRINT_PDS. BJTCNVPM sets PRINT_PDS using the value assigned to JCCLIB in the old BJT#IN03 member.
  3. Complete the security setup, as described in the Security chapter.
  4. Verify the new installation (for example, by accessing the ISPF interface).
  5. Convert the bundle jobs.
    1. Follow the instructions in Convert your existing Output Manager bundle print jobs.
    2. Test the result of BJT@BUNJ by reprinting a bundle or part of a bundle; one recipient out of many, or just one or two reports for one recipient.
  6. If you have a recall selector defined, check to make sure it matches the SELC, and SELD parameters of HLQ.BJT@310.SBJTSAMP member BJT@PRV.