Impactful differences between Output Manger V3R1 and previous versions of Output Manger

The following changes implemented in Output Manager V3R1 require action.

  • Output Manager V3R1 includes a new Catsync program and JCL. Stop running the old version. Catsync is now protected by a RACF® profile, ensure that it is included in your security settings.
  • You no longer need to cleanup old rows in the activity table. Stop running the old job that deleted rows from BJTACT. In previous releases, SBJTSAMP contained JCL member BJT@JCAC that processed the SQL DELETE statement in member BJT@PRAC
  • If you use bundle printing, update the job that you run to delete old bundle history to use the V3R1 version of SBJTSAMP(BJT@BNCL).
  • There is a new ISPF exec. Replace your old exec with an edited copy of BJTUI.
  • The V3R1 web server is a complete replacement of the previous web server. Follow the instructions in Installing an instance of the IBM HTTP Server and configuring it for use with Output Manager for installing the V3R1 web server. Do not use the old web server with the V3R1 database.
  • The recall JCL has changed for HSM and third party archives. Follow the instructions on ISV recall installation and customization for setting up the recall procs in V3R1. Do not use the old recall jobs with the V3R1 database.