BJTZ842 Invalid input. The range must be in the format N or N:M, where N and M are integers and N is less than or equal to M. Only values from 1 to total pages are allowed. There is to be no space before or after the ":" (colon) sign, but there must be at least one space between two ranges.


An invalid value was entered in the PAGES field. This field specifies which pages are to be printed for a recipient. Valid values include single pages with a space between each page number, and a range of pages with a colon (:) between the first page number in the range and the last page number in the range (which a space between multiple ranges). The second number in a range must be greater than the first number in the range. For example, to print pages 5 through 10, specify 5:10. To print pages 5 through 10 AND pages 12 through 15, but not pages 11 and 12, specify 5:10 12:15.

User response

Specify a valid page number, or a valid range of page numbers in the PAGES field.