BJTZ210X Invalid attr usage. Only REPrint, Print, REAl, None, All, Requested, Custom, or Mixed are allowed.


An invalid value was specified in the Attr Usage field on the Recipient Details panel. This field indicates under what conditions the linked set of printer attributes should be used for the recipient. The message identifies the valid values for this field.

User response

In the Attr Usage field, specify one of these valid values: - Reprint: Use for Reprint requests only - Print: Use for Print requests only - Real: Use for real-time printing only - None: Use for no types of printing (Print, Reprint, and real-time) - All: Use for all types of printing - Requested: Use for any Print or Reprint request made by the recipient - Custom: Use for the real-time printing or reprinting of custom reports - Mixed: Use for real-time printing or reprinting of custom and basic reports