BJT30001E Requesting SVCDUMP, title=title_string


Output Manager is requesting a dump because an abend occurred. The dump may not actually be produced if there is a SLIP trap with ACTION=NOSVCD, or because of the dump elimination (DAE) feature of MVS™.

User response

If the dump is due to SB37, SD37, or SE37, find the corresponding IEC030I, IEC031I, or IEC032I message, read the explanation of the IEC message in the IBM® manual, and adjust the settings in the corresponding Output Manager Archive Attributes.
  • For D37, in the Archive attributes, either use "Auto Calculate" Yes or specify a non zero "Secondary quantity".
  • For B37 and E37 abends, (1) make the primary and secondary allocations larger (by adjusting the Archive Attributes), (2) specify more volumes in the Archive Attributes, or (3) specify a volume count greater than 1 in the Data Class. The Data Class is selected by your site's ACS rules, and (depending on the ACS rules) can be directly specified in the Archive Attributes.

If a dump was produced, send it to customer support.