Archives for captured SYSOUT

Archive data set names must be unique. Work with your system administrator and security administrator to ensure that the archive data set names are unique and adhere to your site's requirements and conventions.

Consult with your system administrator and storage administrator about other archive attributes, such as storage class, management class, data class, and space release, to ensure that these attributes are compatible with your site's conventions, capacity, and resources. If your site uses SMS ACS routines, these routines might override some archive attributes. SMS ACS routines can automatically assign a storage class, management class, and data class based on a data set name. Your system administrator might be able to determine the appropriate archive attributes to use based on the archive data set naming convention.

Output Manager also generates a logical name for each archive. This name is stored in the BJTARC table and displayed as "Archive Name" for archived reports.

Note: It is highly recommend that Output Manager archive data sets be SMS-managed.