Specifying the SMF record type

Specifying the SMF_RECORD_TYPE configuration parameter enables SMF logging.

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter.
  2. From the Administrative Functions menu, choose option PA, Policy Administration, and press Enter.
  3. In the Subsystem field, specify an asterisk (*).
  4. In the Type field, specify an asterisk (*).
    Tip: Typing an asterisk in both the Subsystem and Type fields will apply these changes to the global configuration.
  5. Type E (Edit) on the command line to edit the policy, and press Enter.
    The Policies panel is displayed.
  6. Locate the SMF_RECORD_TYPE attribute in the Attribute column. If the SMF_RECORD_TYPE attribute is not already defined, you can add it as follows:
    1. On the Policies panel, type ADD on the command line and press Enter.
    2. Select SMF_RECORD_TYPE from the list that opens
  7. In the Value column of the SMF_RECORD_TYPE line, type a valid value for the SMF_RECORD_TYPE attribute. Valid values are numbers between 128 - 255, inclusive.
    If an invalid value is specified, SMF logging is disabled.
  8. Type SAVE on the command line and press Enter to return to the Policy Administration panel.