Summary of print job customization steps

Before you begin, consider where the bundle output should be written to based on the needs of your bundle recipients and your site's printing practices.

To customize the sample bundle print job:

  1. Copy the sample bundle print job (SBJTSAMP member BJT@PBN1 or BJT@PBN2) to create a copy that you can customize. This action preserves the original sample print job intact.
  2. (Required) In the STEPLIB DD statement, replace the ?BJTHLQ? variable with the high-level qualifier that you specified at installation.
  3. Change ?BJTPLAN? to the plan name prefix of the Output Manager plan specified in BJT@PRBI.
  4. Change ?DB2SSID? to the Db2® SSID of the Db2 subsystem that contains the Output Manager database tables.
  5. Change ?SDSNEXIT? to the Db2 Exit library for your Db2 subsystem.
  6. Change ?SDSNLOAD? to the Db2 LOAD library.
  7. If necessary, tailor the SYSPRINT DD statement and the job card for your site.
  8. Place your customized bundle print job in a member of the PDS that is specified by the PRINT_PDS configuration parameter in the Policy Administration panels.