Print to Dataset Archive

You can print the archives to dataset from the ISPF interface using a PD (Print to Dataset) line command on the Archived Reports panel.

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option V, View Reports, and press Enter.
  2. From the View Selection menu, choose A, Archived Sysouts, to display the Archived Sysouts panel.
  3. In the CMD column, type PD (Print to Dataset) next to the archive that you want to Print to Dataset, then press Enter.
    The Print to Dataset Archive panel is displayed.
  4. On the Print to Dataset Archive panel, under Archive details specify the output dataset name where archive content needs to be printed.
  5. On the Print to Dataset Archive panel, we can also specify Banner to be included and following are the modes:
    • Banner: The name of the banner page to be included with the content of dataset.
    • Header/Trailer/Both: Specify whether the specified banner is to be a header banner, a trailer banner, or both.
  6. In the Job Details section, enter the Job card parameters under which the Print to Dataset job is to be submitted. The Job Name is automatically set to the value specified in the Job Name field at the top of this panel. Any parameter values you specify in this section are saved to your ISPF profile and used to re-populate this field for any subsequent Print to Dataset jobs issued by the PD command.
    Note: Blank lines do not cause JCL Job statement continuations to be generated. If your JCL is continued onto another line, you must use a continuation character. Additionally, it is not necessary to enter leading // characters, they are provided in the left column.
  7. When you are ready to print the archive, press F3 (Exit). The job is submitted.