Output Manager main menu

After you start the product, the first panel that is displayed is the Output Manager main menu. The options displayed on this panel are determined by your security privileges.

Menu options

V - View Reports
From the View Reports panels, you can view or print captured reports, archived sysouts, or indexed reports.
A - Administrative Functions
From the Administrative Functions panel, you can define SYSOUT selection criteria, archive attributes, custom reports, and bundles of reports; control the distribution of reports; set printing attributes; and monitor Output Manager activity. This option is for report administrators. For more information, see the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS Administrator's Guide.
P - User Preferences
Use the User Preferences panel to set display preferences for your Output Manager interface sessions. You can control the color, highlighting, and intensity of hyperlinks, line commands, and exceptions.
Tip: To remove the copyright information from the display, you can press Enter.