Column display functions

Column display functions (CSETUP functions) enable you to rearrange report columns, change the width of individual columns, and control the vertical ordering of columns.

CSETUP functionality enables you to:

  • Rearrange report columns horizontally using the CFIX and CORDER options.
  • Change the width of individual columns using the CSIZE option.
  • Control the vertical ordering of columns using the CSORT option.
  • Hide a column using the CHIDE option.

Additional column display functions enable you to:

  • Scroll horizontally between columns, in both left and right directions.
  • Scroll horizontally within a single report column while other report columns remain stationary on the screen.
  • Insert column numbers above each display column.
  • Generate a ruler at the top of the report columns beneath the headings.
  • Display an entire row-column data element.

Please note that there are restrictions that apply to the use of CSETUP functionality.

The customizations, or views, you configure using CFIX, CORDER, CSIZE, and CSORT can be saved across sessions.

Please note the following regarding syntax:

  • Underlined text indicates the minimum acceptable abbreviation for each keyword.
  • Variables are shown in italicized lowercase type.
  • Keyword options are separated by vertical lines ( | ).