Using a RACF group as a recipient for a distribution list

You can specify a RACF® group as a recipient in a Output Manager distribution list to allow an entire RACF group to view reports online.

Specifying RACF groups as recipients allows sites with high turnover or large groups to grant report-view-access to an entire group rather than individually for each user ID. When a new employee is added to (or removed from) a RACF group that has access to a report, the report-viewing privileges for that employee are automatically updated.

RACF groups as recipients in distribution lists are for online viewing only. RACF groups must have an MVS™ group ID, and everyone in the RACF group must have the same permissions.

To add a RACF group to a distribution list

  1. Create a recipient ID for the RACF group. In the User field of the Recipient Details panel, type up to eight (8) characters for the MVS user ID, RACF Group ID, or wildcarded MVS User ID for the recipient(s).
  2. Create your distribution list. When the Recipient Selection panel pops up, select the recipient ID that you created for the RACF group.