Searching for recipient IDs

From the Recipient IDs panel, you can search for a specific recipient ID or filter the list of recipient IDs.

You must specify a value in at least one of the search fields to perform a search. Optionally, you can save your search criteria to your ISPF profile. If you save your search criteria, Output Manager will apply these criteria to the Recipient IDs panel from session to session, until you change the criteria.

All of the search fields support the following wildcard characters: a trailing asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) for zero or more ending characters, or a question mark (?) or an underscore (_) for a single character anywhere in a value. If you specify a wildcard pattern, Output Manager will find all recipient IDs that match that pattern.

To search for recipient IDs:

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter.
  2. From the Administrative Functions menu, choose option J, Recipient IDs, and press Enter. The search panel is displayed.
  3. In the Recipient Name field, type the recipient name that is specified in the Name field of a recipient ID. You can specify a value up to 60 characters long. Wildcards are permitted.
  4. In the User ID field, type the TSO user ID of a defined recipient. Wildcards are permitted.
  5. In the Printer Attributes field, type the user-defined name for a set of printer attributes that is linked to one or more recipient IDs. You can specify a value up to 32 characters long. Wildcards are permitted.
  6. In the Save Criteria? field, type Yes if you want to save the search criteria that you specified to your ISPF profile. Output Manager will then use the saved search criteria to filter the list of recipient IDs from session to session, until you change these criteria. If you want to use the search criteria temporarily (for a one-time search), accept the default value of No. Output Manager will filter the current list of recipient IDs and then clear the search criteria and revert to the last-saved values (if any) when you exit the Recipient IDs panel.
  7. Press Enter.
    The Recipient IDs panel lists only the recipients that match your search criteria.