Maintaining the bundle history table

The bundle history table (BJTBHI) records all closed bundle instances.

To prevent this table from becoming too large, you should delete the records for old bundle instances occasionally. If you do so, any bundle instances that you deleted will no longer be displayed on the Bundle History panel or be available for reprinting.

To delete records from the BJTBHI table, use the SQL statements in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@BNCL. This SQL deletes bundle instances that were deactivated prior to the date that is calculated by subtracting the number of days that you specify from the current date. For example, if the current date is 10/10/2013 and you specify 5 days for NN days in BJT@BNCL, the bundle instances that were deactivated prior to 10/5/2013 will be deleted. For further instructions, refer to the comments in this member.