Reprinting reports

From the ISPF interface, you can reprint a basic or custom report, a field index (a set of indexed report pages), or an archived report for a distribution list by using the reprint line command.

Usually, you use a reprint command when you want to reproduce an entire print run of a report for all recipients on the distribution list. You might need to reprint a report because the initial print run failed or the printed reports were lost or damaged. Any changes that you make to a distribution list for a reprint request pertain only to that reprint request and are not saved. You cannot reprint from ITOMweb. For information about reprinting report bundles, see Report bundling.

The ISPF interface supports the following reprint line commands:

R - Reprint
Reprints and distributes the report by using the currently assigned distribution list.

For a report to be reprinted, you must set the Hardcopy option for one or more recipients on the distribution list to Yes, or set the Hardcopy option for the distribution list as a whole to Yes so that it can be used as the default value for recipients.

You can also reprint an entire bundle instance, or part of a closed bundle instance. For more information, see

Note: To reprint a bundle of reports, you the ISPF interface. For more information, see Reprinting an entire bundle instance and Reprinting part of a closed bundle instance.