Batch Report Print Program (BJTBATCH)

BJTBATCH allows you to output one or more instances of, or list the attributes of, archives or reports to data sets in batch.

Using BJTBATCH, you can:
  • Request a report to be sent to a data set via a batch utility
  • Request an archive to be sent to a data set via a batch utility
  • Specify control card commands to output one or more page ranges of one or more instances of one or more reports or archives to output files. Each selection may be written to individual files or written to one or more combined files.
  • Select and reprint archived SYSOUTs from the Output Manager repository, for greater analytic capability of the reports.
  • List the attributes of the specified archive(s) or report(s).
Note: BJTBATCH will not recall archives or reports based on archives that are MIGRATED=V for any report specification.

Sample BJTBATCH JCL is included in SBJTSAMP member BJT@BTCH. Use this SBJTSAMP member as the basis for your BJTBATCH job streams. The output parameters are specified in the JCL job stream. The Db2® connection parameters, selection criteria, and processing rules are specified in the control statements.

Note: The user submitting the batch job must have READ access to the underlying Output Manager archive data sets and they also must have an OMVS segment in their RACF® profile.