The following restrictions apply to CSETUP options.

  • Total fixed column sizes cannot exceed screen width.
  • Total fixed column sizes must leave enough unfixed space for the minimum allowed size for all unfixed columns. If a column is not eligible for resizing, the column's minimum size requirement is the same as its maximum size. Minimum and maximum sizes for all columns are shown in the CSIZE display.
  • If a column has been resized, then its current width is treated as its smallest allowable size. When a column is resized its current size must fit on the screen completely. For example, on an 80-byte screen with no fixed columns, a 128-byte column can only be resized to 80 bytes or less (assuming no conflicting minimum size associated with the column). If there were two 10-byte fixed columns, for a total fixed area size of 20-bytes, the 128-byte column would be limited to 60 bytes or its minimum allowed size, whichever was smaller.