Repositioning columns

The CORDER option enables you to reposition report columns. If any columns are fixed, they are grouped together as the leftmost report columns. The unfixed columns are grouped together to the right of any fixed columns.

CORDER does not move a column out of its group. A fixed column cannot be relocated to the right of an unfixed column. Likewise, an unfixed column cannot be relocated to the left of a fixed column.

To reposition columns:

  1. Type CORDER in the option line on any display panel and press Enter.

    The following fields appear on the Define Column Display Order panel:

    Column Function
    Enables you to jump to any of the CSETUP functions by typing in the appropriate number. The number corresponding to the current option displays in this field.
    Permanent View
    Indicates whether or not the view you define is permanent or temporary. Valid values are:
    • Y–View customizations are permanent.
    • N–View customizations are temporary.
    Note: The ISPTLIB and ISPTABL DD NAME should point to the User.ISPPROF dataset.
    Reset View
    Resets all customizations.
    Field where you specify the number for column position.
    Displays fixed columns. Valid values are:
    • F–Indicates the column is fixed.
    • P–Indicates the column is permanently fixed.
    Displays the new CORDER view settings.
    Displays the previous CORDER view settings.
    Shows the name of the column.
  2. Type a number next to a column to specify its order.
  3. Press Enter.
    The new column order numbers display in the New column next to each column.
  4. Press PF3 to return to the display panel.