Adding recipient IDs and nested distribution lists to a distribution list

You can add recipient IDs to a distribution list, or add nested distribution lists to a distribution list

To add recipients to a distribution list:

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter.
  2. From the Administrative Functions menu, choose option D, Distribution Lists, and press Enter. The Distribution Lists panel is displayed.
  3. In the CMD column, type S (Select) next to the distribution list to which you want to add recipients.

    If the distribution list does not yet have any recipients, the Recipient Selection pop-up window is displayed. Skip to Step 5.

    If the distribution list already contains recipients, the Distribution List panel is displayed. Continue to Step 4.

  4. On the Distribution List panel, type I (Insert) in the CMD column and press Enter. The Recipient and Distribution List Selection pop-up window is displayed. If both Recipients and Distribution lists are left blank, Recipients are displayed. Distribution lists are only displayed when Recipients are blank and Distribution list is not blank.
  5. In the Recipients Selection window, type S (Select) in the CMD column next to a recipient or distribution list that you want to add to the distribution list, and press Enter. Repeat this step to select additional recipients, if necessary.
    The Distribution List panel lists the new recipient members.
    Tip: A distribution list can contain up to 100 nested distribution lists.
  6. Press F3 (Exit). An exit confirmation pop-up window is displayed.
  7. Press Enter to add the recipients.