Editing a bundle definition

You can edit any of the bundle information at the top of the Bundle Detail panel. This information includes the bundle name, description, banner page, and print job member. The changes will take effect the next time you activate the bundle to open a new bundle instance. The changes do not apply to the bundle instance that is currently open.

To edit a bundle definition:

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, specify options A.N, Administrative Functions > Bundle Administration.
  2. From the Bundle Administration menu, specify option D, Bundle Definitions. The Bundle Definitions panel is displayed.
  3. Type the E (Edit) or S (Select) line command next to the bundle definition that you want to edit, and press Enter.
  4. Edit any of the following fields:
    Bundle name
    Type a unique name for the bundle, up to 32 characters in length.
    Type a description for the bundle, up to 60 characters in length.
    Specify Enabled to allow the bundle definition to be activated, or specify Disabled to prevent the bundle definition from being activated.
    Bundle delivery
    Use the Links menu to specify optional bundle delivery details that you want to be applied to the variables of an optional bundle banner page. If you linked a banner page to a bundle definition, you can optionally specify bundle delivery details to be added to the banner page during print processing. Bundle delivery details are specified by a linked recipient ID.
    Printer attr
    (Optional) Displays the name of the set of printer attributes that is currently linked to this bundle definition (if any). To link a set of printer attributes, choose option 3 from the Links pull-down menu. If this field is blank, a set of printer attributes has not been linked to the bundle definition.
    (Optional) Use the Links menu to specify an optional bundle banner page. This field displays the name of the bundle banner page that is linked to the bundle definition. You can link a banner page by choosing option 6 from the Links menu. The selected banner will be printed at the top or bottom of bundle output or in both locations, depending on how you defined the banner to Output Manager with option A.B.
    DD name mask
    Type a mask for naming the SYSOUT files that are dynamically allocated for each bundle report when the Dynamic print field is set to Report. This mask must be composed of three characters, beginning with a letter. Alphanumeric characters and national characters (#, $, @) are allowed. Output Manager will add five numbers after these characters to generate a unique file name, for example, ABC00001.
    Print job member
    Type the name of the PDS member that contains the bundle print job that you want to use for printing bundle instances at deactivation.
    Submit print job at deactivation
    Type Yes to have Output Manager automatically submit the specified bundle print job when you deactivate a bundle instance, or type No to prevent the automatic submission of this print job.
  5. Press Enter. If a confirmation prompt is displayed, press Enter again to confirm your changes.