Removing bundle reports from a bundle recipient

You can remove one or more bundle reports at a time from a bundle recipient definition if you no longer want the recipient to receive the reports.

Note: If you remove all reports from a bundle recipient, the recipient will not be included in bundle instances.

To remove bundle reports from a bundle recipient:

  1. Navigate to the Bundle Detail panel for the bundle definition that contains the bundle recipient from which you want to remove reports.
  2. In the CMD column, type the S (Select) line command next to the bundle recipient and press Enter. The Bundle Recipient Detail panel is displayed.
  3. Type the D (Delete) line command next to each report that you want to remove, and press Enter.
  4. If a confirmation prompt is displayed, press Enter again to confirm your deletions.
    All of the selected bundle reports are deleted from the bundle recipient definition in the Output Manager database.
    Note: These deletions affect the selected bundle recipient definition only. The deletions do not affect any occurrences of the bundle recipient in other bundle definitions or the underlying report definitions for the removed reports.