Changing the recipient ID for a bundle recipient definition

After you define a package of reports for a bundle recipient (a bundle recipient definition), you might want to change the underlying recipient ID to send those reports to another person or location. You can do so from the Bundle Recipient Detail panel.

To change the recipient ID for a bundle recipient definition:

  1. Navigate to the Bundle Detail panel for the bundle definition that contains the bundle recipient for which you want to change the recipient ID.
  2. In the CMD column, type S (Select) next to the bundle recipient and press Enter. The Bundle Recipient Detail panel is displayed.
  3. From the Links pull-down menu, choose option 1, Change the recipient.
    The Select a Bundle Recipient panel is displayed.
    Tip: If you are not sure that you selected the correct bundle recipient, you can choose option 2, View the recipient, from the Links menu to view recipient details.
  4. Type the S (Select) line command next to the recipient that you want to use, and press Enter. A forward slash (/) is displayed to indicate that the recipient is selected.
  5. Press Enter. If a confirmation prompt is displayed, press Enter again to confirm your change.