Cloning and modifying data

The following is an example of using UBU to clone data, alter values in the output file, and then load the altered clone into the Output Manager database.

In this example, UBU is used to clone custom reports with names ABC, change the names of the clones to DEF, and then load the cloned data into the Output Manager database. This would result in new custom reports with the name DEF that have the same data definitions as the existing custom reports ABC.

To clone data, modify the cloned data, and load the modified data into the Output Manager database:

  1. Use UBU in Extract mode to extract the objects you want to clone (for example, custom reports with names ABC.
  2. In the BJTDATA output file, manually write ADD in the H_ACT_REQ fields of rows that you want to clone
  3. In the BJTDATA output file manually edit the objects to be modified. (For example, change ABC in the RNAME column to DEF).
  4. Use the modified BJTDATA file as input to UBU in Modify mode.