Selecting job output based on completion status using a CONDITION CODE option on a subselector rule

You can enable job selection according to completion status using a subselector rule.

  1. Navigate to the Subselector Rules panel:
    1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose A (Administrative Functions) > S (Selector Rules).
    2. Type SS (SubSelector) next to the selector rule that you want to add or edit the subselector rules for.
    3. Specify search criteria, or leave the fields blank, and press Enter.
  2. Type ADD on the command line to add a subselector rule.
  3. (Required) In the Rule Name field, type a name for the subselector rule. This name can be up to 16 characters in length.
  4. Specify selection criteria as needed.
  5. Type S (Select) in the Advanced Selection Criteria field and press Enter.
  6. In the Condition Code field of the Advanced Selection panel, specify a condition code rule.
    The condition code must have the following syntax:
    (condition type) (comparison operator) (value)                   

    For more information, see Enable job selection according to completion status (COND CODE syntax).

  7. Press F3 to return to the Subselector Rule panel.
  8. Press F3 to return to the Selector Rule panel.
  9. Press F3 (Exit).
  10. Type ACT (activate) on the Selector Rules command line and press Enter to activate the selector rule.
    Note: After creating selector rules, you must activate them by using the ACTIVATE primary command.