Repeating a third-party archive conversion

If you previously converted third-party archived reports and you want to convert these same archived reports again, you must first delete all of the existing entries for the archive reports and their tapes from the Output Manager BJTAVI, BJTAVR, BJTAVT, BJTDAT, and BJTARC tables.

This situation could occur, for example, if you performed a test conversion of a subset of reports and now want to convert all reports for your users.

Consequently, Output Manager looks for the archive tapes that were recorded from the previous conversion. If those tapes were scratched, Output Manager cannot recall the archived reports and will issue an error. If an archived report was moved to another tape and you attempt to view that report, Output Manager might display the previously captured report at the old tape location.

To delete archive table entries from a previous conversion, use the SBJTSAMP member BJT@DELA. The BJT@DELA SBJTSAMP member contains the SQL statements that are necessary to delete the old archived report and tape entries from the BJTAVI, BJTAVR, BJTAVT, BJTDAT, and BJTARC tables. Edit the member to replace all occurrences of the ?BJTQUAL? variable with the name of the creator that was used to create the Output Manager tables during product customization. To execute the SQL statements, use the JCL in the SBJTSAMP member BJT@JCUT. You must edit this JCL to point to the BJT@DELA member. Also make the other changes described in the JCL comments. Ensure that you run this job before you begin the master index conversion step of the repeat conversion process.