Sysplex considerations

Output Manager, when implemented in a sysplex environment, can be configured to enable users to view captured output across multiple z/OS® images.

The web server requires access to the ITOM database and archive data sets. If datasharing or DRDA is configured, the web server can be on any LPAR that has access to the data sharing group or aliases.


LPAR System Name SZ21 SZ22 SZ23 SZ24
DB2 Subsystem DA1A XA1B XA1A <none>
DB2 Data Sharing Group <none> DSG1 DSG1 <none>
ITOM Started Task ITOMD ITOMP <none> <none>
  • SZ21 - A stand-alone ITOM system for developers. Separate ITOM database. Configured to pull only test jobs from the JES MAS. Online viewing, printing.
  • SZ22 - The ITOM production system. Production output is pulled from JES MAS regardless of which system the job ran on. Collects sysout and provides online viewing, printing.
  • SZ23 - Users can view and print from this system because it is configured for data sharing group with SZ22. No ITOM STC is required when using DB2 data sharing.
  • SZ24 - No ITOM access at all because there is no DB2 subsystem installed here.