FIND command

Use the FIND command to locate an item in a list-type panel based on a search string.

The basic command structure for FIND is as follows:
FIND text_string

If the text string contains blank spaces, enclose it in single quotation marks. If it contains apostrophes, enclose it in double-quotation marks.

This command searches forward from the current line to the first location where the text string is found. If the specified string is not found, the message Find string not found is displayed.

You can change the search direction by adding one of the following options to the command: PREV (search backwards), FIRST (start at the top and find the first occurrence), LAST (start at the bottom and find the last occurrence), or ALL (same as FIRST but also provides a count of all occurrences in the file). For example, to search backwards from the current line, use the following command structure:
FIND text_string PREV