Copy and Paste commands

Report administrators can copy information for an existing administrative definition and paste that information into a new definition. This capability can make creating new selector definitions, report selection rules, and other administrative objects easier and faster.

Instead of creating a new definition from scratch, you use an existing definition as a template. To copy and paste information from the administrative list panels, you use the line commands C (Copy) and T (Paste). On detail panels, you choose the Copy and Paste commands from the File pull-down menu or specify them at the command line.

For example, on the Report Rules list panel, you can specify the C (Copy) line command next to a report selection rule and press Enter. All of the detail information for that rule is placed on the Clipboard. (The information remains on the Clipboard for the duration of your Output Manager session.) You can then insert a new report selection rule. On the detail Report Rules panel for the new rule, you can choose Paste from the File menu to add the copied information to the panel. You can then supply a new report name, edit any of the other copied information, and save the new rule.

  • Selector Rules panel
  • Archive Attributes panel
  • Report Rules panel
  1. To use the Copy and Paste commands, users must have administrator authority.
  2. You cannot copy information from a detail panel of one type and paste it into a detail panel of another type. The fields on the panels must match for these commands to function.