Creating a bundle print job

You can create one or more bundle print jobs to print and reprint bundle instances.

Usually, you use the same print job that was specified in the bundle definition for reprint requests. However, you can create other bundle print jobs for reprint requests, if necessary. Output Manager provides two sample print jobs in the SBJTSAMP that you can use as a basis:
  • BJT@PBN1 prints to a dynamically generated DD name and is used for dynamic printer attributes
  • BJT@PBN2 prints to the DD name BJTPRINT. This DD name can modified.

All of the bundle print jobs that you create must reside in the PDS that is specified by the PRINT_PDS configuration parameter. (For more information about this command, see the IBM Tivoli Output Manager for z/OS Installation and Customization Guide.) Otherwise, the started task bundle management functions will not be able to find the print job when processing a print request.