Managing archive attributes

Once you have created an archive attribute, you can edit or delete it from the Archive Attributes list panel.

  1. From the Output Manager main menu, choose option A, Administrative Functions, and press Enter.
  2. From the Administrative Functions menu, choose option A, Archive Attributes, and press Enter.
  3. Specify search criteria, or leave the fields blank, and press Enter.
    The resulting list is filtered by your search criteria.
  4. In the CMD column, type the appropriate line command:
    • E (Edit) next to the name of an archive attribute to edit its details. For information about the fields on the details panel, select Extended help from the Help drop-down menu.
    • D (Delete) next to the name of an archive attribute to delete it.
  5. Press F3 (Exit).
  6. Depending on your user preferences, a confirmation panel may be displayed. Type YES and then press Enter to save your changes.