Minor updates

Minor updates include features, enhancements, fixes for the reported issues and other fixes. When IBM releases a minor update to IBM® Sterling Order Management System, you must update your environment.
IBM provides major and minor updates for Sterling Order Management System monthly, on the 1st Friday of the month, per the respective major and minor update schedules.

Sterling Order Management System follows the Continuous Delivery support lifecycle policy to better support our customers.

The Continuous Delivery (CD) model matches with how IBM is providing updates to Sterling Order Management System since its release in 2018. Aligning the lifecycle support policy to the Continuous Delivery model provides a more accurate representation of the Sterling Order Management System product updates and improved clarity for product support. A new Continuous Delivery version-numbering scheme is introduced. The first update to include the numbering is in Q2 2022, which is 10.0.2206.0 where,
  • The first two parts remain 10.0.
  • The third part indicates the major quarterly update in the YYMM format, where YY is the year and MM is the last month of the quarter. For example, YY as 22 for 2022 and MM as 03 for Q1, 06 for Q2, and 09 for Q3.
  • The fourth part indicates minor updates and increments sequentially, from 0 for each major update, followed by 1 for the first minor update, 2 for the second minor update, and 3 for the third minor update.

For more information about the fixes that are contained in a minor update, see Resolved issues for IBM Sterling Order Management.

When a minor update is released for IBM Sterling Order Management System, the base image on the central repository is refreshed. The latest base image contains all the minor updates.

To update the developer toolkit with the latest minor update, download the developer toolkit from the Self Service. For more information, see Downloading the containerized developer toolkit.

A minor update must be applied and verified first in a lower environment before applying it on your production environment.

Note: Before consuming a minor update, verify if there are any entity or table changes that are rolled out in that minor update. For more information, see Resolved issues. If there are any entity changes in a minor update, do not consume the minor update during the database backup window so that the entity changes do not conflict with the database backup.