Minor updates schedule

Here is the Sterling Order Management System minor updates schedule for 2024.

Table 1. Minor updates schedule
Minor update number Date ( Minor update 2) 19 January 2024 ( Minor update 1) 5 April 2024 ( Minor update 2) 3 May 2024 ( Minor update 1) 5 July 2024 ( Minor update 2) 2 August 2024 ( Minor update 1) 4 October 2024* ( Minor update 2) 4 November 2024** ( Minor update 3) 17 January 2024

* Minor update will be released only if a severity 1, critical, or production down issue needs to be resolved.

** If updates are not released in November, the version number will change to

For issues resolved in IBM® Sterling Order Management System, see Resolved issues.

  • The scheduled dates are tentative and subject to change depending on the schedules of ongoing minor updates, escalations, and Severity 1 and production down issues that might arise.
  • Quarterly major updates are planned for every third month of a quarter. For the major updates schedule, see Major updates schedule.
  • Minor updates that are planned for the second month of a quarter are tentative and are released only for issues, such as production down for Live customers and blockers for Go Live or non-Live customers.
  • More minor updates might be planned if any issues, such as high severity, escalations, production down for Live customers, or blockers for Go Live or non-Live customers occur.
  • Customers will be notified of any change in the minor updates schedule.

Order Hub

Order Hub for Sterling Order Management System is a multi-tenant SaaS application and is updated by following the same schedule as Sterling Order Management System developer toolkit for all environments.


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