Payment processing limits

Businesses can define certain payment processing limits on orders.

  • Tender Limits
  • Offline Limits

Manager Override options allow store managers to manually override limits on orders.

Tender limits

Tender Limits define the total amount of payment methods that can be accepted on an order. Tender limits are configured by Payment Type and Payment Card Type.

For example, if the CREDIT_CARD payment type has a $50 tender limit and a customer wants to use a VISA and Mastercard on an order, the total sum of the credit cards can not be more than $50. If the VISA payment card type has a $30 tender limit, the retailer will not accept VISA credit card charges over $30.

Offline limits

Offline limits define the total amount accepted on in-store orders when contact with the payment gateway cannot be established. Offline limits are configured by enterprise for in-store transactions only. In cases where contact with the payment gateway cannot be established for an online order, the system retries the payment gateway later.

If Manager Overrides are configured, a manager can override the offline limit to accept payment above the limit. However, if a violation is raised and ConditionalCallForAuth=Y in the payment user exits, the order is put on hold and the call for authorization process starts. If an authorization code is acquired during the call for authorization process, the offline limit is re-evaluated and possibly resolved.