Payment methods

Payment Methods contain the payment information specific to a payment type and are sent down with an order.

They may also contain payment details pertaining to pre-authorization or pre-charge information. Sterling Order Management System supports any number of payment methods to be passed in with each order.

The following are the required fields for each payment type when it is used within a payment method in an order:

Table 1. Required fields for payment type
Payment Type Group Required Field
Credit Card CreditCardNo
Debit Card DebitCardNo
Customer Account CustomerAccountNo
Stored Value Card SVCNo
Other PaymentReference1

One or more payment methods for an order can also be assigned charging sequence. If the charge sequence is not specified for the payment methods or at the seller configuration level, all payment methods in the order has the same priority with regard to charging. The charge sequence of the payment method is subordinate to the sequence defined at the seller configuration level.

A payment method can have unlimited charges assigned to it. If Unlimited Charges = 'N', a Maximum Charge Limit can be set on it. Authorizations and charges made on any payment method are subject to the limit set by the Maximum Charge Limit if Unlimited Charges = 'N' for that payment method. Any payment method having Unlimited Charges = 'Y' is assigned the remaining amount of authorization/ charge on the order and any payment method below it in terms of charge sequence is ignored.

A payment method in an order can be modified, suspended, or removed. New payment methods can also be added to an existing order. For detailed information, see the changeOrder() API in the IBM Sterling Order Management: Javadoc.