Adding a new server

You can add a new server from the Agent Criteria Details screen or from the Service Definition Framework. This screen provides the options for you to terminate the server on completing the task.

About this task

For example, in a once a day wave release scenario, the orders are downloaded through an integration server, waves are created and batched, pick locations are assigned, waves are released and printed in multiple servers. This may take an hour or more to process, but once completed the servers are idle and waiting until the next day. Even though the processes are idle, they consume valuable resources like memory and CPU upon the server.

To avoid this idle time, you can configure the server to terminate automatically. To achieve this you can specify certain options in the Server Details upon creation as described in the following table.

Table 1. Server details.

Server details field value descriptions

Field Description
Server Properties Tab
Server Name Enter the name of the server.
Terminate Server on Idle Select this option if you want to terminate the server when the task is completed or when idle.

Once this option is selected the next two fields are enabled.

Startup Delay for Termination Monitor (minutes) Enter the monitor start time. This is to ensure that the server does not terminate before it has completed one successful execution.
Termination Monitor Interval (minutes) Enter the idle wait time before terminating the server.
Sub Service List Tab
Subflow Name or Criteria ID Lists the name of the subflow or the criteria belonging to the configured service or agent.
Threads Specifies the number of threads.

Click the Save icon upon entering the details.

Once the server which has been configured to terminate is started, it monitors the threads to check if they are idle. The monitor start time indicates the time the number of minutes delay before it starts. Once all the threads are idle, the server waits the configured amount of time before terminating. If a new message comes in, the time is reset and the server again starts monitoring the threads.