ExecuteJobs() abstract function

Each document in the List returned by the getJobs() function is passed to this function for execution. If this function throws an exception, the exception is logged and the transaction is rolled back, otherwise it is committed. See the following signature:

public Document executeJob(YFSEnvironment Env, Document inXML)

After all of the documents have been processed by the executeJob() function, the application invokes the getJobs() function again to obtain the next set of tasks that need to be processed by the executeJob() function. This repeats until no more jobs are returned by the getJobs() function.

For examples of the input XML, see the YCPBaseTaskAgent class in the Javadoc information.

The com.yantra.ycp.japi.util.YCPBaseAgent also provides utility functions for trace logging and timer information with the following signatures:
  • public void log(String classMethodName, String message);
  • public startTimer(String timerName);
  • public endTimer(String timerName);