Configuring a transaction completion

You can configure the transactions to be completed based on an order line status in the order fulfillment process type.

The completion criteria can be defined only for custom or extended transactions. When an order runs these transactions, it is evaluated for completion. Upon evaluation the transaction it is marked as complete or incomplete as defined in the transaction completion criteria. This configuration provides you the flexibility to set up completion dependencies for transaction-based on its drop statuses.

Note: You cannot configure transaction completion for the standard transactions provided by Sterling Order Management System. For example, you cannot configure completion for the standard Schedule.
Note: However, some of the status-based transactions such as Schedule and Release are provided with completion criteria and can be viewed by selecting the Configure Event Handler icon in the drop status tab.

Apart from transactions, completion criteria can also be configured for the extended listeners used in the pipeline. However, you need to configure the completion for every instance of the listener.