Adding an event to a transaction

You can add events to transactions. These events signify occurrences in the process type's workflow and call associated actions.

About this task

To add an event to a transaction:


  1. Open the Applications Manager and select the application that you want.
  2. In the Process Modeling window, select the Order, Load, or General tab to view the corresponding process modeling tree for that base document type.
  3. In the Process Types swimlane, right-click on the applicable process type and choose Model Process. The Repository Details window and work area display for the corresponding process type.
  4. Choose the Transactions tab.
  5. From the Transaction Detail window, choose the Events tab.
  6. Choose the Create New icon. The Event Details pop-up window displays.
  7. Enter information in the applicable fields. Refer to Table 1 for field level descriptions.
  8. Choose OK.
    Table 1. Event details pop-up window.

    Event details field value descriptions

    Field Description
    Event ID Enter the event ID.
    Event Name Enter the event's name.
    Is Active? Select this field if the event is active for the transaction.

    Leave this field unselected to deactivate the event.

    Can Enterprise Configure Event Handler? If you are logged in as a Hub role, select this field if you want to allow Enterprise roles to be able to configure event handlers for the transaction.
    Note: If the transaction works across multiple enterprises or enterprise information is not available to the transaction, the default event handler is used.
    Requires Backward Compatibility Select this field if the event handler contains properties that require backward compatibility. If you select this field, choose the applicable version.