Deploying customizations in a new runtime container

Learn how to deploy customizations in a new runtime container.

About this task

The update-extn command uses the same existing runtime container to deploy newer versions of your customization package. While this helps in preserving any temporary changes that you may have done to files inside the container (though it is NOT recommended), this can lead to the following challenges with respect to customizations:
  • Any customization files that have been reverted will still remain in the runtime container and get into the deployment.
  • If you want to test without any customization package, for example, to check the out-of-the-box versus custom behavior, it is not possible to uninstall previous customizations from runtime container.

Use the following procedure to resolve this issue:


  • To deploy customizations on a new runtime container, recreate the existing runtime container before running the update-extn command by running the following command:
    docker rm -f om-runtime
  • To always recreate your runtime container as part of update-extn command, enable the following property in your file:

    This property is disabled by default.

    Note: If you are following either of these steps, your temporary changes on the runtime container will be lost when you update the next time.