Requesting access to an environment

If you, your team members, or your business partner, need to access an IBM® Sterling Order Management System environment server or application, you must request access from IBM. To request access, submit your request through the IBM Support Portal, which is also used for service requests. After your request is reviewed and approved, you are granted access.

Note: The administrative ID and default password for accessing web-based business user or administrative tools is provided to you as part of the onboarding process. You do not need to open a request to receive this access.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have created your SSH public and private key for accessing IBM Sterling Order Management System environments.


  1. Open an access request ticket within the IBM Support Portal for the environment.
    You must open a ticket for each environment that you, or a member of your team, need to access. Within your request, you must specify the following information:
    • Your user credentials
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Email address
    • Your generated public key. Upload the key into your ticket. Your key must be in an OpenSSH format.
    • The users that require access.
    • The environment for which the access is requested. If the environment is your preproduction or production environment, specify whether database connection privileges are needed.
    IBM recommends that access to the preproduction and production environments is limited to only two representatives. Depending on the separation of duties, more than two representatives might be required to complete some tasks. IBM reserves the right to limit the number of representatives that can access an environment.
    1. After you submit your service request, IBM reviews the request.
    2. This access request is then either approved or denied by IBM.
    3. If approved, IBM identifies the appropriate role for you to be granted. Your name and email address are recorded for tracking the request.
    4. IBM places your provided public key and sets the appropriate permissions for you, or your users, to access the environment.
    5. IBM then updates the ticket and sets the ticket for verification and closure.
  2. When access is granted, verify that you can access the environment through a jump host.

What to do next

Configure the connection from your local machine to your jump host by using the access information that is provided to you by IBM through your service request.