IBM process for accessing environments

When an IBM representative requires access to one of your IBM® Sterling Order Management environments, such as for maintenance issues, the representative must request access. This process ensures that any IBM representative that needs to access to your environments has approval before they access an environment.

Any IBM representative that wants to access your environment must open a service request ticket to indicate the environment that they want to access and the purpose for the access. The IBM team that oversees your environment then approves or denies the request. If granted, the representative is given a limited window to access your environment to complete the required tasks.

The following procedure details the high-level process that is required for an IBM representative to request access to your IBM Sterling Order Management environment:
  1. The IBM representative that wants to access your environment opens a service request ticket to request access. A ticket must be opened and the access approved for each environment that an IBM representative needs to access. As part of the request ticket, the representative must provide their 2048-bit SSH public key, which is used for verifying the representative when they access your environment.
  2. This access request is then either approved or denied by the IBM Sterling Order Management team.
  3. The SSH public key for the representative is placed for the environment and the appropriate permissions are set for the IBM representative to access the environment.
  4. The service request ticket is updated and set for verification and closure.

When access is granted, the IBM representative can then access the environment for a limited time to complete the required tasks. IBM typically limits access to two representatives. Depending on the separation of duties, more than two representatives might be required to complete some tasks and be given access.