Delete a related task category

You may not want users to perform related tasks under a given category when viewing a screen. In such a scenario, you can delete the corresponding related task category from the Related Tasks panel.

About this task

To delete a related task category:


  1. Create a corresponding Related Task metadata file if it does not already exist in the <install_dir>/extensions/sbc/webpages/sbc/metadata/relatedtasks folder.
  2. Create an element, Category, as a child element of the Categories root element.
  3. Set the value of the CategoryID XML attribute as required. This value acts as a unique identifier for the related task category.
  4. Set the value of the corresponding Action XML attribute to DELETE.

    The related task category along with the related tasks under that category are deleted from the Related Tasks panel.

    Note: Ensure that you rebuild the enterprise archive (EAR) after deleting a related task category or related task.