Using backend logging to identify JSB targets and mashup IDs in the web UI framework

In the web UI framework you can identify JSB targets and mashup IDs by using backend logging.


  1. Ensure that your application EAR/WAR has been created with -Ddevmode=true and the application server has been started with -Dyfs.logall=Y.
  2. Log in to the application.
  3. Press Ctrl+F2 to bring up the Debug toolbar.
  4. Click on the Start Request Log button.
  5. Navigate to the screen to extend.

    If you have multiple actions to perform, then it would be ideal to use the Start Request Log button just before the final navigation step.

  6. Open the requestinfo.log file located at:


  7. Identify a JSB target by viewing the Struts action called to navigate to the screen and the relative path of the JSP loaded on success (for example, actionA and a/b/c/success.jsp). You can identify the JSB target in one of the following ways:
    • View the JSB target being loaded by opening success.jsp.
    • Use the Struts action actionA to find out the JSP being loaded on success from the Struts XML file and then view the JSB target being loaded by opening success.jsp.
  8. When a mashup call is made, the Struts action and the API being called are logged. Identify a mashup ID by using the Struts action to determine the mashup ID being called from the Struts XML file.